Thursday, May 7, 2009

My skin is itching so badly that I'm scratching until I bleed, especially my arms. Why?

First let me say I am not crazy or on any type of medicine or drugs. But for the last 3 weeks my skin has been itching uncontroably, particularly my arms. I scratch until it hurts. There are no bumps or rash spots I just itch. I keep putting lotion on because I thought it was dry skin but I just itch the same amount. What is going on with my skin. Uggg!

My skin is itching so badly that I'm scratching until I bleed, especially my arms. Why?
You could have contracted a parasite called Scabies- itching is usually limited to the arms and chest area- if you have a black light and some iodine you can tell for sure- just paint some iodine on the itchy places and turn the black light on in a dark room- the scabies will have that black light glow. Often there is no rash or outward signs of these parasites- just an intense itch that seems to worsen at night- you'll need a script from the doc to get rid of them if thats what it is (don't freak- they're common and clean people get them too)
Reply:use hydrocortizone and rub it on where it itches
Reply:could be a skin condition called eczima, which my daughter has. you could try a very thick lotion called Eucerin which i use for her. it could also be an allergy to dryer sheets, new detergent, something you ate, etc.......i'd go to a dermotologist.
Reply:I agree with Sassy Gal. Using Eucerin creams will help. There are two on the market now. One is a calming cream and the other is a lotion. If you use them together it is even better. Have you been eatting something new? Using new items for the laundry or showers? Change your bed sheets. My husband went to the Dermatologist and he said sometimes it just happens use those creams, they really work.

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