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Any extra tips on keeping Chinese Cresteds skin itch free?

I'm caring for two right now (hairless ones), one's skin has been itching him a lot since fall began , we live in N.Y.

Can't find a flea on him, so far I put him on benadryl twice daily 12 mg for his weight of 12 lbs. for 7 days and now brought it down to once daily.

I've been spraying him daily with a vets approved skin conditioner but he is still it abit uncomfortable when I pet his back but far better than he was originally.

I also put neosporin on one hotspot he bit open and it's healed up good the past week but he still tries to get at it.

I have his body covered now with a sweatsuit so he can't get at the spot again and bite it open.

Does anyone familiar with this rare breed have anything else I can try that may work out better?

I really don't want to keep him on the benadryl to much longer.

I read that lanolin is not good for them (allergict to) so will be checking the products today to see if it contains that as an ingredient.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Any extra tips on keeping Chinese Cresteds skin itch free?
HI! I have a Chinese Crested.

This breed is very prone to allergies, its possible it could be a food allergy. What is the current diet?

Contact allergies are possible too.. do you have wool carpet? Does he roll around in the grass alot?

It could also be some kind of skin infection going on.

Is his skin dry and flakey? That will cause itching as well. There are lotions you can use.. I have used Curel Ultra healing, Olay quench, and eucerin with no problems on my cresteds.. there are a few products I have ordered online which work well too:

this lady has emu oil lotion, which I LOVE

this lady makes body wash, lotions, and astrigent for the crested skin

If you have any more questions, please join us at there are people there who have more experience with skin issues than me. They would be more than willing to help!

edited to add, it could just be the time of year, the air is less humid and drying his skin. A humidifyer in the home may help. Adding some salmon or cod liver oil to his diet is good for skin too.

Another good skin conditioner, if he's willing to sit still for about 10-15 mins, straight out of the warm tub, while his pores are still open, put some olive oil on his skin, and wrap him up in a warm towel. Snuggle with him in the towel and let his skin absorb the oils.

You can also exfoliate skin to slough off the dead, dry skin. I use either a salt or sugar scrub. No need to buy expensive ones, such as the ones at bath and body.. you can get an inexpensive jar at walmart. I have also made my own sugar scrub using sugar and olive oil... just mix for the desired consitency, typically half and half.

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