Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why does my skin itch/burn sometimes when it gets wet? (especially after showering or sweating)?

Most often it is a severe burning about 10 minutes after showering, regardless of the water temperature. However a chlorinated spa tub (hot water) seems to relieve it. It does seem to be related to dry skin, however lotion doesn't appear to help. It sometimes makes it worse after applying. Sometimes when not itching, lotion will cause the itch onset. Sweating also seems to bring the itch on.

Why does my skin itch/burn sometimes when it gets wet? (especially after showering or sweating)?
You may have a mild form of urticaria (hives). There is one type, most commonly seen in young men (age approx. 18 to mid 20s) called cholinergic urticaria, which is hives induced by heat. Sweating, warm/hot showers, exercise, strong emotions, anything that raises the core body temperature, can bring out the itching. It usually appears with rash consisting of tiny red bumps, which resolve soon after the body temperature has cooled. Some people find that extremely hot water, like you'd find in a hot tub, actually helps relieve the itch of hives (due to forcing mast cell degranulation), but if you have cholinergic urticaria this can be dangerous, since you can experience a histamine dump from all those mast cells degranulating.
Reply:you should see a allergy specialist for any allergys you may have and also check the components that are in your water there may be a small chance that it could be doing serious harm to your body


  1. Since it might have to do with allergies I can't use claritin for relief?

  2. "If NO rash is present, it is NOT a urticaria (an allergic reaction to a substance). There is something else going on." This is exactly what my allergist stated to me.

    For over two years, I was severely itching when bathing, showering, sweating, getting rained on, putting lotion on, anything that wet my skin (arms + legs). I dreaded the fact that I had to maintain a clean hygiene with what I thought was an allergy to water. I explained to friends that when soaking in a tub, it felt like 100's of bugs were biting me which got more intense the longer I stayed in the water. If this sounds familiar, keep reading.

    If you constantly intake diet products with Aspartame, this could be the source of the itching.

    Aspartame chemically breaks down into a couple toxic chemicals (methanol + formaldehyde) and also in the mix is formic acid. Formic acid is the sting that bees and fire ants give off. That was when I made the connection -- bugs.

    Therefore, this is a chemical reaction through the breakdown of Aspartame, and not an allergic reaction that causes a rash. My research lead to this conclusion: the chemicals of (1) Methanol (2) carbon monoxide (3) sodium form = methyl formate. Hydrolysis of methyl formate produces formic acid.
    [see >>> <<<]

    In layman's terms, here is the bio-experiment going on. Methanol is in aspartame. We breath carbon monoxide in the air which is called pollution. We intake salt all the time in our food. Add water, and it feels like bees or fire ants.

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