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My dog keeps itching and biting her skin, what can I do since the vet's advice isn't working?

Is there an at home remedy? She has dry skin and it was recommended by the vet that I put medicine in her food before she eats (it's in a squirt bottle and just saturates the top layer of food).

*How long would it take for fish oil to start working?

My dog keeps itching and biting her skin, what can I do since the vet's advice isn't working?
First, I would see adifferent vet. Second, look at what you are feeding her. Our pets need quality pet food. Read the ingredients list and learn what the stuff on there is and what it does (or does not do) to/for our pets. A quick pet food 101. If the pet food contains corn/corn products or by products it is a poor quality food. Corn is a filler that can trigger skin problems. (allergies, skin problems, itching and excessive shedding) By products is anything from an animal not fit for human consumption, including cancerous tissue. Do not pay attention to advertising, they all say there food is great. "Vet approved" means they have a vet on staff to approve their product. In other words, someone paid to approve it. Same with foods most vets recommend. Salesmen "gift" vets then the vet recommends the food. Most vets are not nutritionists! Quality foods have meat as the first ingredient. California Natural, Solid Gold, Innova and Merrick are a few of the best brands available. If you want to learn more check out:; more=1

Third, fish oil will probably help some but it takes weeks...
Reply:It may take about two weeks before the medication starts to work. In the mean time, try an oatmeal bath (made for dogs that you can pick up at a pet supply store) every great once in a while or a hydrocorisone spray made for dogs.

Its going to take a while before she's completely healed. She may even start to itch more as any open sores start to heal up. Just keep with the treatment and try these or other anti itch stuff to keep it under control in the mean time.
Reply:put and e-collar on her, so she cant reach those area, they are the big cone shaped things that go around there necks my dog had to have one. that way they cant bite, but the can still scratch with her legs. they sell them at local petstores usually, or you can order it online

I don't know if this will work on your dog, try rubbing some olive oil on his body. It's edible and maybe it will stop the itching, I rubbed some on my pet and his hair stopped from flying around the house. good Luck
Reply:Add a table spoon of veg oil to their food each nite... works great... even stopped my sheperd from shedding so much...
Reply:every dog i have had has this problem. Its very common this time of year. I never had much luck with the fish oils. My vet give my German shepherd a cortisone shot and some antibiotics. They can get pretty bad on him in one day. I am very vigilant about checking him regularly.

I also bath him in "Tar" shampoo from Walgreen's as well as dandruff shampoo every 2 weeks. Tar is medicinal. like for dandruff and eczema in people too.

CHECK WITH YOUR VET 1st, but it is common to give dogs over the counter benidryl like for colds. Its an anti histamine for itching. A milligram per pound is recommended. They come in 25 ml pills and the cheap ones work just as well. It the dyphenhydromine (sp) in it.
Reply:Try changing her food all together.Feeding something like Solid Gold, Canidae, etc. is better for them as there is no corn in their products. Corn is one of the ingerdients that can cause allergies in dogs. One of my eskies was always biting and scratching the base of his tail near his back. He got to the point that when we took him to the vet he had a localized infection from scratching. Once I switched them over to Solid Gold he no longer is scratching and biting. I have seen wonderful changes in all 3 of my eskies since switching them! Changes from how their coats are to their level of activity!
Reply:We have a dog which as itchy skin, it comes and goes. We do not give him medicine as I do not believe in giving medicine for non important things, what I do when he starts itching is bath him in the sea every day and it soon goes away, normally in about three days. If you don't live by the sea then I suppose you need to use the stuff the vet has given you but these things take a while to work so you must have patience.Sue
Reply:Did the dog get checked for mites? Are you or any other people/animals in the house itchy? It could be one of two types of mange, demodectic or sarcoptic. The vet should do a skin scraping and check for mites. Sarcoptic mange can be hard to diagnose even with a skin scraping, since the scabies burrow deep into the skin.
Reply:While waiting for the meds to work, get some doggy oatmeal bath for her, wash her every other day till she quits itching...she might be allergic to her dog food, but there is food for sensitive skin...good luck
Reply:my dog does this when he has dry skin (usually from eating less quality food) oil pills usually help you can get them from your vet

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