Saturday, April 24, 2010

I need information on Shih Tzu skin problems and itching.?

We just adopted a seven year old Shih Tzu. She is spayed and a very sweet dog. She licks and scratches too much and hurts herself. What can I do to help her out. I am a first time owner of a Shih Tzu

I need information on Shih Tzu skin problems and itching.?
My dog had this when we first got him. He scratched so much that he had sores all over his body. We took him to the vet and she presribed him with steroids and a shampoo called Malaseb. I don't know if you can but this over the counter but my advice would be ask your vet or buy your dog a special shampoo. Hope I could help!
Reply:Wash her with an anti-itch shampoo for dogs. Also, make sure she doesn't have fleas or mites. Get Frontline or a comparable product from the Vet to take for fleas, ticks, etc. If she has a raw spot that is healing, it will itch. You can buy skin cooling spray for dogs. My Mom has a shih-tzu and used it on her when she was spayed, to keep her from biting and licking her stitches. You can find the shampoo and spray anywhere that pet care products are sold.
Reply:She could have fleas or allergies. If she has allergies and you use flea medicine she could aggravate her skin even more. Go to your local pet store that allows you to take the dog in with you and ask them; IF you can't afford a vet bill already.. Or call the animal shelter where you got her from and see if they gave her a flea treatment that she may be allergic to!! ...............Good luck
Reply:What is the back ground on the dog? did she scratch and itch before coming to your house? could be food allergies?
Reply:u 3 month all bichon does the same thing..we are going to the vet this saturadyyy..cuz im scared for him..but i reserched a little bit..and it could be allergiesss..or if nottt.. they just scratch themselves..the licking is normal from wht i know... they like to wash themselvessssssssssssssss
Reply:Could be allergies to anything. Could also be reactions to vaccines given by whoever you got her from. Please check out new recommendation for dogs and cats. Also see reactions from Duke University.
Reply:i would suggest a vet first. then look at what you are feeding her. poor quality foods will cause itching. for a good quality food check out click on dogfoodsbyrating
Reply:i have a shitzu, he used to scratch alot until we took him to a groomer and shaved his coat down to about an inch long, also if there is matting that will cause hot spots which are very painful and irritating, also if you bathe him too often that can very easily dry out his skin. you need to find the source of the irritation then address the problem....if you dont know it's safer to take him to a vet

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