Friday, November 20, 2009

My dog has hair loss, itching, flaky skin and bad odor. what could be causing this?

he is a 12lb pekingese.

My dog has hair loss, itching, flaky skin and bad odor. what could be causing this?
I bet anything he is allergic to his food. Corn and Wheat products are the most common causes of skin allergies, read the food label.

The skin is itchy, flakey and the dog scratches for some releif, but damages the skin so that infection can set in. The bad food has weakened his immune system so he can't fight the infection and now, you are looking at a very unhappy dog.

Read "Food Pets Die For" by Ann N. Martin if you don't believe me. You will be shocked and amazed.

You need to take him to the vet, he needs antibiotics to cure the skin, then you need to get him on a better food.

Iams, Purina, and Science Diet are all but poison to dogs, read the book if you don't believe me.

Look into Innova, California Natural, Wellness, Artemis, and Canidae. They are all natural and don't contain gross stuff that is making him sick. They are more expensive but it's worth it in the long run. Less vet bills and illness. He may also live longer.

Good Luck
Reply:Does he have fleas? He could have a skin allergy. I would consult a vet. My sister has a Pit Bull who has Flea Allergy Dermatitis or something like that and it caused itchy red skin that had bumps and there was a lot of hair loss. There are alot of different skin conditions that could cause these symptoms.

Consult a vet.

Here is a web site for you to learn more.
Reply:my sisters boston terrior mix has the same thing. I can't remember what the name for it is, but it's a skin condition that you can go to your vet and get an medication for. Sometimes during a bad break out my sister uses a cone for the dog to prevent it from becoming worse.
Reply:It could be mange (demodetic, caused by mites). You really should take him to the vet.
Reply:It could be eczema, ask for some advice from a vet.
Reply:He probley has skin allergies. Try changing to a dog shampoo that help with all his problems. If that doesn't work ask a vet for some recommended treatments.
Reply:go to the web address below. i used to work there. it is in dothan, alabama but u can speak to live veterenerans for free and tell them your problem. you can also order it today and it will be at your house within 5 business days.

they are not expensive either...give them a call!

tell them your problem
Reply:could be a skin disorder triggered by a food allergy. My dog had similar symptoms and we discovered she was allergic to the food we were feeding her (It contained Lamb). Use Nutro dog food!
Reply:my friends dog had this, and it was due to an allergy to chicken in her food. but ask your vet every dog is different
Reply:It could be a number of things. Allergies, hot spots, fleas, or mange. You should be able to get some kind of medicated shampoo from the vet.
Reply:My dog, which is a ****** spaniel mix has a problem very similar to this. However, I do not have the money for a vet. But I do have a friend who is a vet and she suggested giving her an over the counter vitamin (half a centrum) and two baths a week, always followed by putting triple antibiotic on her skin/fur. I also bought a funnel collar so she could not lick, chew or scratch. It's been a week and really seems to be helping.
Reply:alot of things could be those which one of those things would be bad which is : Mange and one of them is catching to a human and i know this cause i got one yr and or time from a dog i had yrs ago and then i had to go to the doctor and get rid of it cause it made my hands itch alots which wasn't fun. Also could dry skin, also stress yes dogs can get stressed too just like us . Have you moved recently or are you moving or planning on moving ? Best advice i can give is TAKE YOU PET TO SEE A VET AND SOON.
Reply:Funghi? he may need some simple medication (an ointment, spray or powder), ask the vet for details, because we can't give a proper diagnosis over the internet.
Reply:I found some good info here.


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