Friday, November 20, 2009

Will coconut oil help my skin from itching?

Well, I spose that depends on why your skin is itching... however, I use unrefined extra-virgin coconut oil on my skin and I think there is nothing better!

Will coconut oil help my skin from itching?
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Reply:coconut, avocado, hazelnut and apricot kernel oils are all great skin conditioners. If your skin is dry, any of the above will help stop itching, with continued use.
Reply:Try cocoa butter. It's supa-cheap, works really well, and it makes you smell wonderful!
Reply:Oh yes. Be sure to take it out of the coconut before you apply it.
Reply:Maybe but do be careful not to set fire to yourself coconut oil is well flammable.
Reply:it will soothe it for a little while .
Reply:While I'm not sure about cocunut oil stoping itch, i know a good home remidy. Smearing Toothpaste over the itchy area will help stop itching. As a rule of thumb, the icier it makes your breat feel when you brush with it, the better it will stop itching, just NEVER use this suggestion on a COLD NIGHT, it will be bad, trust me.
Reply:Coconut oil has also been tested for use as a biodiesel engine fuel, though the high melting point makes its use difficult.

In India, coconut oil is used as an oil for styling hair.

It is also excellent as a skin moisturizer. A study shows that extra virgin coconut oil is as effective and safe as mineral oil when used as a moisturizer, with absence of adverse reactions.[4]
Reply:It is known that nature has natural cures for health issues, but i would use a anti-itching cream that is doctor-trusted. If you really want to use this I would research it,btu if you're like anti-itching cream would do just fine.
Reply:Coconut oil can be used as food or used as a skin lotion. It is very effective against dry skin. You can also try mixing Tea Tree oil into your body wash.
Reply:If you use any oil, make sure it is pure oil. Almost everything on the market today , is water, alcohol, glycerin and then a long list of other chemicals. READ THE INGREDIENTS ! Women spend a Bazillion dollars every year for water and alcohol to put on their dry skin which makes their skin more dry so the will buy more moisturizers.

The best I have found is A + D Cream, used for diaper rash and Vaseline. Try them, They really work and you are not buying water.

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