Monday, November 16, 2009

What is the best lotion for dry skin and itching?

I'm looking for the best lotion for my husband who has very dry skin and hates the greasy kind of lotions. He needs something that is healing and absorbs quickly. He also has a problem with his hands cracking and bleeding.

These are the things that we have tried already.


Burt's Bee's

Bag Balm

Vaseline Intensive Care


Thanks everyone!

What is the best lotion for dry skin and itching?
Try Aveeno....its got a slightly weird Oatmeal smell (but it has oatmeal in not a big suprise)....but it works great
Reply:Nivea works for me!
Reply:try goldbonds lotions they do really well
Reply:Try Johnson %26amp; Johnson's body cream with baby oil in it.

It's the best. I have the wrost dry skin and it's the only thing that works for me. Good luck!
Reply:My Mom has that problem really bad, she uses Aveeno. It really seems to help.
Reply:my husband just went to the doctor yesterday for a skin problem and she suggested Aveeno. So we are trying that, its not too greasy but is very moisureizing.
Reply:I love everything from Aveeno. The lotions, body wash, face wash and even chapstick. My skin gets so dry it cracks and bleeds. So far Aveeno is the only thing that seems to work for me.
Reply:coco self ones....(only)
Reply:There is one that farmers use but I don't remember the name of it. It is especially made for your husband's condition because farmer's get that condition. Ask your pharmacist.

What ladies use to keep their hands soft is to put regular old Vaseline on their hands and then put on plastic medical gloves over night. Be sure to get the ones that are not powdered. Again ask you pharmacist.

If it keeps up you may have to go to a dermatologist. I think he is beyond common everyday lotions that absorb quickly.
Reply:Eucerin is very good.

If you have the money, I'd suggest L'Occitane shea butter hand cream.
Reply:Goldbond works very well or Body butter from the works soooo good! I love that stuff and never have dry or itchy skin with it. *Coconut kind smells really good too!*
Reply:None of the above except for... Bag balm which works but it can be greasy and Eucerin is okay too...

Over the counter, Sarna is made for old people who get that nasty dry patchy skin because it lacks moisture as you age... It's therefore industrial strength moisturizers with little alcohol...

I like the Avene and Skin ceuticals lines of products but you can only get them either online or at you Dermotologist office.
Reply:There's a prescription lotion called Salex. Go to the Dermatologist and ask about. It's great. I used to apply lotion 4-5 times a day and still I would itch and scratch until I bled. I put this on once a day and my skin is great! It's quite pricey $160/bottle. But if you have insurance then you should be alright.
Reply:you could try curel and lubriderm, too, but if it's so bad he cracks and bleeds, i don't know how effective they'll be. eucerin is really the best but if he hates the greasy feel, i don't know what else you can try. i have heard that gold bond is a good one, too. has he seen a dermatologist about it? it might be the best thing to do, especially when you're talking about cracking and bleeding dry skin.


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